The Center

The Innovation Center that’s all about business.

The Howard County Innovation Center is for entrepreneurs who are ready to step up to the plate. Our entrepreneurs don’t innovate for the sake of innovation – they innovate to bring new technologies and businesses to market in order to improve the lives of those around them. It doesn’t stop at our doors. It starts there.

Focused on the intersection of innovation, cybersecurity, and technology talent, the Center’s prime location and power-house resources make it the perfect “suburban incubator” for seasoned starters looking to bring the next big idea to market.

It’s the Center for leaders who are ready to make their move.

Person Conference Space
Square Feet
Floors of Business Support

Decades in the making.

Located on Columbia Gateway Drive in Columbia, MD, the Innovation Center is a product of County and State-wide initiatives to develop technology, cyber, and innovations communities in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor. With the recent declaration of the Columbia Gateway Drive area as an “Innovation Hub” for the county, the Center sits at the nexus of these activities. Bringing together central Maryland’s top business and technology leaders for resource sharing, funding support, training, and mentoring, the Innovation Center is truly the eye of the storm for growing the region’s next generation of start-ups and cyber businesses.

The Innovation Center truly represents the next chapter in the vision of Howard County, MD’s economic and business growth.

The Space

1 S T   F L O O R

Event Space

The first floor is where you’ll come for events, conferences, and workshops in the 150+ person conference room or surrounding spaces. It’s also home to the Howard Community College Training Center.

3 R D   F L O O R

Resident’s Space

The Center’s Residents’ office space is strategically placed on the 3rd floor of the Center. This is where the Center’s top minds come together for inspiration and collaboration. Residents will include serial entrepreneurs, start-ups, technologists, and business leaders launching new ventures aimed at disrupting their space.

4 T H   F L O O R

Strategic Partners and Coworking Space

With strategic partners who mentor and assist our Residents and a shared coworking space, the 4th floor is meant to foster some of the key relationships that make the Center a success. Whether you’re looking for a place to drop in on the go or strategic partners to help take your business to the next level, this is the place to be.

5 T H   F L O O R

Conference Rooms, Business Resource Center, and EDA Offices

With numerous breakout spaces and conference areas, the 5th floor’s meeting areas were built with an “outside in” mentality. This is where organizations, speakers, ideas, and collaborators collide together to talk about the future. The 5th floor will also serve as the new home to the Business Resource Center, the County’s business-focused hub of knowledge, support, training, and mentorship. The Howard County Economic Development Authority offices will also be housed on the 5th floor.  

Services and Resources

As a Center focused on resources as much as it is amenities, Residents have access to a suite of supporting services as part of their Center experience. This includes:

Entrepreneurs in Residence

A formal program of mentorship and support focused on helping Residents and Affiliates develop, refine, and position their start-ups for success.

The Howard Tech Council

With access to an established community of tech companies, our entrepreneurs can learn from the best in the area.

Informational Sessions

An environment for learning, the Center provides informational sessions on topics ranging from emerging tech to funding, finance and beyond.

Networking Events

In life and in business, it’s all about who you know. Get to know our Residents and other influential leaders in the tech/cyber/start-up community at the Center’s networking events.

Coworking and Office Spaces

Whether you’re looking to rent out an office to grow your business or looking for a place to drop in on the go, the Center offers both coworking and office spaces.

Event and Conference Space

Available for event rentals, the conference space is a one-stop shop for businesses looking for a conveniently located event space.


Support: Investors & Partners

Our investors and partners take us to the next level so we can do the same for our businesses. With their help, we’re able to provide the space and support our entrepreneurs need to succeed.